Cranborne Bowling Club
Sponsored by Douch and Small, Funeral Directors.
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Cranborne Bowling Club, Pennys Lane, Cranborne. BH21 5QR

Applications to join Cranborne Bowling Club should be emailed to
whereupon on receipt the secretary will supply an application form. The club has a graded membership as follows :

First year members - £33-50
From thereon ages 14-17 & 60+ - £85
Ages 18-59 - £87-50

New members joining at the 2016 season and thereafter please add £1 in respect of the fee to Cranborne Association of Sports Clubs (CASC) to which the bowls club is affiliated.

Social bowlers £38-50 (must have been a full member for at least 3 seasons and may play in a number of internal competitions, but excluding club league matches and friendlies.)

Enrolment day is Wednesday 15th March at 10.30am in the CASC clubhouse adjoining the green.

The club rules will be issued to all new members but please note :

1. All persons of 14 years or more are eligible to apply for membership.

2. Club dress shall be worn for all matches and competitions ie. white t-shirt/top and grey trousers.

3. Flat smooth soled shoes must be worn on the green at all times.

The Friendly 'friendlies' Club